Jack Gierhart Leads U.S. Biathlon's Next Chapter

Jack Gierhart, a highly respected Olympic sport leader, heads into his second season as president and CEO of U.S. Biathlon eager to take his first year experience and forge a pathway to the future for the fast-growing sport. In the debut episode of season four of Heartbeat, Gierhart talks about his past roles in Olympic sport and the open welcome he felt last year as he moved into biathlon.

Gierhart took over as interim CEO after longtime leader Max Cobb headed to Salzburg to take over as secretary general of the International Biathlon Union. His first experience at last year’s October camp in Soldier Hollow gave him a very positive introduction to the sport with engaging conversations with athletes, coaches and parents.

Heartbeat dives deep into U.S. Biathlon’s 2030 strategic plan with Gierhart, as well as detailing the recent announcement to expand the organization’s footprint into Utah as Salt Lake City eyes a return of the Winter Games in either 2030 or 2034.

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Now let’s dive into the opening episode of season four of Heartbeat with U.S. Biathlon President and CEO Jack Gierhart.
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